Stay the fuck at home. Wear a helmet.

Stay the fuck at home. Wear a helmet.

To all Berliners. To all people. 

What part of stay the fuck at home did you not understand?

If you are privileged enough to be able to stay at home at these days: do it!

There are so many of us who do not have that possibility.

The people who work for you in the supermarket.

The people who work for you in a pharmacy.

The people who work for you in a hospital or take care of the elderly.

The doctors, the police, the firemen, the politicians.

Do you think they want to work outside now?

Don`t you think they would not feel more protected and more safe to be at home with their family and loved ones?

Do you think they want to serve you coughing idiot, who is not able to wash his hands now?

Do you think it is their utterly pleasure to be exposed to you?

The person who is irresponsible enough to not stay the fuck at home?

I know the smile on you face. It is the smile of that person that says:

“I never wear a helmet. It ruins my hair. Nothing ever happened. Don’t be that scared.”

I know. It is fucking uncool to wear a helmet. It is a thought that we take from our rebellious phase as a teenager and copy it as a heuristic into our life. We never question it.

Till we do. Till a loved one has a bicycle accident and would have been certainly dead but was wearing a helmet and survived. Or till a friend or someone we know is not that lucky and he is in a critical situation after an accident without a helmet and his life changes forever. Or till you child dies because it refused to wear a helmet. It takes an accident for us to change that heuristic. It takes a tragedy for us to lose our self confidence.

Our nation at the moment is a teenager refusing to wear a helmet because they never ever had an accident before. We are a generation without a substantial national crisis. That is a privilege. All the financial crisis, all the Brexits and refugees who die on our borders in the cold water or the fire of a refugee camp. These are media phenomenon to us. They are not real. Guess what. They are. But it is not us who suffer. It is them.

It is them who suffer. Those who are old. Those who belong to a risk group. It is not us. It is not you. I know it is not a real danger. You are healthy. It is like a cold. Guess what. It is not.

We are a nation of academics. Everyone has a bachelor or master degree these days.

Why can you not understand the danger of an exponential curve?

How can you not understand that the danger is real not directly for you but for others?

How can you not understand that the danger is not you getting sick.

The danger is that we all get sick at the same fucking time and those who are unlucky will die because there is no space at the hospital for you.

Because the doctors and nurses have been infected.

Because you did not stay the fuck at home.

It is proven that young people are more likely to survive but also are the higher danger to spread the virus because they do not know they have it.

You can not blame the boomers for destroying the planet and now gather in a park to share a beer in the sun.

Solidarity is for all ages. Solidarity is for everyone. Stay the fuck at home. Wash your fucking hands. Cough and sneeze in the right way. Something you should do all the time not just if you are likely to spread COVID19.

So, you cool guy, not wearing a helmet. “Look mum, I can ride my bike with no handlebars, hands free.”

Grow the fuck up. Be fucking responsible.

You think you are cool if you explain how all of this is boosted by the media? That you know how the media panic cycle works. Guess what. You are so wrong boy. You know nothing Jon Snow. You are as irresponsible like the person who buys crazy amounts of toilet paper and noodles. Yes, you are like that person in a weird wannabe intellectual way.

Guess what. You are not cool if you throw a fucking party because the clubs are closed. Why are the clubs closed? Because they are run by people who are fucking responsible.

I know you waited the whole winter for the sun to come out, so you can gather in a park, have a beer and ride your skateboard. I feel you. But guess what. People all over the world are waiting for their fathers and mothers to get healthy again, and some of them will not be that lucky. Stay the fuck at home.

I know you are too cool. Have your partys. But do not wonder if your friends will tell you to shut the fuck up because you are a irresponsible hedonistic manchild.

You say Berlin was always like this? Not giving a fuck? Who are you to define that?

Berlin was always all in for solidarity. Because that is what people do in a crisis. They show their solidarity to people who need it. Their neighbours who have cancer. Their neighbours who are older. Their neighbours who are in any risk group. Their neighbors they have never ever spoken to before.

That is Berlin. Not you. You are an irresponsible, overconfident manchild who never ever experienced a crisis.

Go wear a helmet. This time not to protect yourself but to protect us all.

We live in a globalized society on this planet. You have internet.

Listen to people from Italy.

Listen to people from Iran.

Listen to people from China.

They all had exactly the same feelings about this. It is not that bad.

It is not that bad until it is that bad.

Just listen what they say now. Open your eyes. These people are not at all different from you. The felt the same. There was just not the possibility to look how it is in other countries. What experiences they have. You have this chance. This is given to you for free. For no particular reason you have the chance to learn from them.

You know what they say?

Stay the fuck at home.

You say this can never happen here?

You are ignorant and over confident. A virus doesn’t know a national border, a religion or ethnicity. It will treat us all as the equals we are. Just like climate change, it is a fucking fact for all of us. Deal with it.

You say this can never happen here?

It is true if you stay the fuck at home. 


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